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EditPhoto Title:Sabal Sports Talent
EditPhoto Description:The aim is to motivate the talented sportspersons by giving facilities for rigorous training to perform on National and International Platform.
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There are great numbers of sportspersons who have great potential for various sports but they do not get appropriate facilities and platform to hone their skills and talents.

Sabal Sports Talent acts as facilitator and support for such sports talent.

The candidates selected under Sabal Sports Program are given Coach, Club, Sports equipments and exposure on National and International Platform.

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Free Coach

‘सबल खेल प्रतिभा कार्यक्रम’ में चयनित खिलाडिय़ों को चुने गए खेल का सघन प्रशिक्षण देने के लिए प्रशिक्षक उपलब्ध करवाया जाता है। प्रशिक्षक की फीस का भुगतान श्री गोविंद सिंह गुर्जर चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट द्वारा किया जाता है।

Free Club Facility

Free Club Facility is provided to the sports talents who have been selected under the Sabal Sports Talent Program so that they get all round training in their respective sports. The total cost of the Club is paid by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable trust.

Free Sports Equipments

All the sports equipments are provided free of cost to the selected candidates under the Program. All the cost incurred in training is borne by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable trust.

Free Exposure

The selected Sports Talents under the program are promoted at various National and International Platforms post their rigorous training. Every cost incurred in the process is paid by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable trust.

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Only those candidates could participate in the “Sabal Sports Talent Program” who have potential and proven capability to excel in the sports promoted by various Sports Authorities recognized by the Government. There is no minimum age bar in it while the maximum age limit is 45 years.


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All the sports and games authorized by Sports Authorities recognized by the Government are included under the Sabal Sports Talent Program. Among these, the popular games/sports at International Levels and almost all the traditional sports are included. The candidates are permitted to choose one sports among them.


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Shri Govind Singh Charitable Trust has collaborated and made agreements with famous sportspersons from every field to impart quality coaching to the selected sports talents for developing and promoting their talents. The candidates could also apply for coaching from his favorite Coach.


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    Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust has collaborated with several known Clubs in the Country to impart skill development in Sportspersons under the Program. The sportsmen could also apply for getting training in their chosen Club.
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    EditCall to Action Title:Selection Procedure
    EditCall to Action Description:The candidates for 'Sabal Bharat Program'are selected through the process of Sabal Bharat Examination. This Exam is organised at all India level for four different categories depending upon the educational qualification.
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