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EditPhoto Title:Sabal Scholarship
EditPhoto Description:The aim of Sabal Scholarship is to provide scholarship and study material to the meritorious students to help them acquire quality education.
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There are number of students in our country who are intelligent and meritorious. They even get admission in good educational institutes but they are unable to pursue their studies due to paucity of funds.

Sabal Scholarship Program works as support for these students.

The candidates are provided fees and study material for one year in any institution of their choice and their desired course under the Sabal Scholarship Program.

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Scholarship (for one year)

The tuition fees for courses/ training program for which candidates are chosen under Sabal Scholarship program are given in the form of Scholarship. This repayment is done by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust.

Free related Study Materials

The Study materials for all the courses/ training program to the candidates selected under the Sabal Scholarship Program is given free by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust.

Free Stationery

The selected candidates under the Sabal Scholarship Program would be provided Stationery and other related material for aiding their studies and practical training for all the courses and training programs conducted by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Trust.

Free Job Alerts

The selected candidates under Sabal Scholarship Program would be given free Job Alerts. Information related to employment in Government, Cooperative and Private spheres would be given to all the candidates. This service will be given for 1 year.

Free Career Counseling

Free Career Counseling is provided by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Trust to all the candidates selected under Sabal Scholarship Program which helps in getting Employment.

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Those students who wish to take admission in 10th, 11th, and 12th standard or want to do any diploma course or any degree course are eligible to participate in Sabal Scholarship Program. There is no minimum age limit to participate in the program but there is upper age limit of 45 years.


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All the degree and diploma courses are included under the Program. The candidates would get scholarship for any of the courses on the basis of authorized information from the Institution or on the receipt of admission, if he has already taken the admission.


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Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust has collaborated with more than 200 established companies for enhancing skill development and expanding employment opportunities. The selected candidates under Sabal Scholarship Program would be given every information related to the opportunities in these companies.


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    The candidates do not have any limitations in choosing the Institution and courses under the Sabal Scholarship Program. They can select any course in any Institution of their choice provided they are recognized by the Government.
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    EditCall to Action Description:The candidates for 'Sabal Bharat Program'are selected through the process of Sabal Bharat Examination. This Exam is organised at all India level for four different categories depending upon the educational qualification.
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