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EditPhoto Title:Sabal Residential
EditPhoto Description:It aims at imparting world class Residential Education to the students having potential to make them skilled and efficient so that they get gainful employment according to their qualification.
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This is a perpetual complaint of the majority of the students in India that they did not have access to good Educational Institutions and so they missed educational atmosphere to prepare themselves for future competition.

Sabal Residential is all about changing this negative mindset of the students.

Under the Sabal Residential Program, the students would be provided not only world class education but would also be made skillful. Apart from this, the program ensures gainful employment to all according to their qualification.


Free Education

The selected students under the Sabal Residential Program do not have to pay any fees for the courses they have preferred to pursue. Total fees would be paid by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust.

Free Hostel

The selected students under the Sabal Residential Program do not need to pay for hostel facility. Hostel facility with all amenities is provided free of cost by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust.

Free Mess

The selected candidates would not have to pay for the mess facility. The candidates are provided nutritious vegetarian food free of cost by Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust.

Free Live Training

The selected candidates under the Sabal Residential Program are given Live Training for two hours on daily basis. The students are not charged anything for such Live Training. The training facility is given by more than 200 known companies with which Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust has signed the agreement.

100 percent employment

On the completion of studies/training of the candidates selected under Sabal Residential Program, Shri Govind Singh Gurjar Charitable Trust would provide for their employment opportunities either in Governement, Cooperative or Private sector.

Monthly Stipend

The candidates selected under the Sabal Residential Program are provided monthly stipend upto Rs 10,000. This stipend will continue even after the completion of course till the job placement or till 3 years whichever is earlier.

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All the students could participate in the Sabal Bharat Examination process who are already studying or wish to take admission in Standard 10th, 11th and 12th or any Diploma or Degree Course. Minimum age to participate in Sabal Bharat Exam is 18 years and maximum age limit is 45 years.


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All the courses recognized by the Government of India and the State Governments are included under the Sabal Residential Programme (except the Degree Courses related to Medical Education). These courses are not run by Trust itself but is facilitated by it to aid the students pursuing these courses.


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The Trust has collaborated with more than 200 established companies for enhancing skill development and expanding employment opportunities. These companies would provide live training through latest techniques and henceforth employment to the selected candidates.


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    The Trust has collaborated with more than 50 respected and recognized Institutions for imparting education under Schools programme, diploma courses and various degree courses. Imbibed with world class infrastructure, these Institutions run their programs through the most modern and scientific methods.
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    EditCall to Action Description:The candidates for 'Sabal Bharat Program'are selected through the process of Sabal Bharat Examination. This Exam is organised at all India level for four different categories depending upon their educational qualification.
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