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EditPhoto Title:Swargiya Shri Govind Singh Gurjar
EditPhoto Description:“This is impossible to translate the dreams of Developed India without making the youth educated, capable, empowered and prosperous”.
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Late Shri Govind Singh Gurjar prominently known as ‘Baba Saheb’ who was elected as MLA from Nasirabad (Ajmer) for continuously six times, was selected as Minister in Government of Rajasthan twice and was nominated as Lt.Governor of Pondicherry, is the motivational force behind us.

Baba Saheb was the driver of many Social Change in his 50 years of ’Public Life’.

Swargiya Govind Singh Gurjar Trust was founded with an objective of continuing the mission of Baba Saheb uninterruptedly. Trust is working with full energy and capability to bring the positive change in the various sectors of the Society.

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    EditItem Text:The vision of Swargiya Govind Singh Gurjar Trust is to transform India into an Educated, Capable, Strong, Empowered and Prosperous country. To achieve this objective it is pertinent to make the youth of India educated, capable, strong, empowered and prosperous for which Trust has initiated various programs pertaining to skill development and self-sufficiency. Through these programs, the youth are given practical trainings based on latest techniques for all the traditional as well as modern employment opportunities. Post this training, the youth could not only establish themselves in this era of competition but also would make themselves self-sufficient through gainful employment.
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    EditItem Text:The mission is to develop at least one job-skill in every youth. Every youth has a knack and interest in some area but they do not get either sufficient opportunities for skill development or proper platform in that area. Swargiya Govind Singh Gurjar Trust, first of all, identifies those youth who have hidden talents in them or who have the motivation to excel in that field. Later, these youth are polished by giving practical skill training based on modern techniques. The Trust has collaborated and made agreements with more than 300 famous companies working in various sectors. The mission of Swargiya Govind Singh Gurjar Trust is that no talented person should remain jobless and unemployed in the country.
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    Basic Structure

    Swargiya Govind Singh Gurjar Trust is registered on the address – ½ Vidhayak Nagar ( west), Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan by the Government of India. This is also the Headquarters of the Trust. Entire territory of India is the work reach of the Trust.

    Swargiya Govind Singh Gurjar Trust has established residential premises in Jaipur and Nasirabad (Ajmer) for running the ‘Sabal Bharat Programs’. These premises are equipped with all kinds of conveniences. The programs related with Sabal Bharat Program like ‘Sabal Residential’ and ‘Sabal Employment’ are run through and in these premises.


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